What Clients Say About Brooke



"It took us 4 years to find a massage therapist of the caliber that Brooke is. As a chiropractor, it's always difficult to find someone that you both trust and know will care about your patient as much as you do. Brooke is that person. She is highly skilled, friendly, hilarious and so great at what she does. Every single person that I have referred to her has fallen in love with her technique and personality. I truly have never met a better massage therapist. Brooke is already missed dearly by our practice. I really can't recommend her enough and if I could rate her even higher than 5 stars, I would. Michigan, you are so lucky to have Brooke!"

      -Steph & Family

"Brooke provides an excellent therapeutic massage geared towards active and athletic individuals. Her work is more effective than most general massage therapists and her work has a longer lasting impact as it addresses structural issues in the body." 


"Brooke is GREAT! Highly recommend her for anyone who needs WORK DONE! She doesn't hesitate to get to know your body and figure out what you need. Definitely worth while! The effects from even an hour with her last for days!"


"Brooke is simply awesome! She somehow always knows what areas are problematic for me and irons them out! I've come to depend on Brooke to keep "tuned up" and feeling great! On a personal level, Brooke is fun, easy going and sometimes just simply hilarious!"


"Brooke asks questions and discusses my goals for my session. As both a skilled therapist and an athlete, she has a strong knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and balances the perfect blend of deep tissue work to achieve results, but she also gives a great relaxation massage. I prefer her deep tissue work in conjunction with hot stones. I would high recommend her to anyone, particularly athletes, desiring results."  


"My husband and I were desperately looking for a good masseuse and we found that in Brooke! We always leave our massages feeling refreshed and highly motivated. Brooke always knows what to do and say to lift you up both mentally and physically."


"Best massage therapy sessions I've ever had. Very thorough explanations of potential causes of aches and pains that needed working on, and corrective exercises to help prevent more aches and pains. Would (and have) recommend to everyone."


"Brooke is a wonderful massage therapist and always takes the time to understand what issues are bothering you and adjusts your session to work on those problem areas. The level of service she provides always exceeded my expectations and she will often send recommendations for exercises or in my case reminders to move and not sit in front of a computer all day. I have issues with herniated discs in my neck and her sessions helped relieve the muscle soreness that developed from favoring my neck and arm.

Brooke is such an energetic and positive person that you leave the session feeling relaxed and reenergized. The focus and attention to detail that she provides to her clients delivers a personalized touch and targets the specific problems that you are experiencing. It is amazing how she can work with you and adjust her treatment in the middle of your session as she discovers areas that need more attention. If you want a professional and knowledgeable massage therapist that listens to her clients and is passionate about her field you will not find anyone better than Brooke."


"Before I started having massages with Brooke I suffered from weekly migraines. Brooke taught me stretches and other techniques to help control my migraines and now I only get them occasionally. Brooke has great energy and is always able to work out any problem areas and sends me home with tips to help in between massages. I always feel so much better after a massage with Brooke, she is AMAZING!"


"My first visit with Brooke was like no other massage I have ever had. She was a true professional who went to work on my knots and tight muscles. I have already recommended her to my workout friends. If you workout regularly, you need to go see her." 


"Brooke is a phenomenal massage therapist, and a great person."


"Brooke is amazing. She helped me get my migraines under control and truly cares about the well-being of her clients."


"I have been having weekly sessions with Brooke for years... Before having the great fortune of landing with Brooke I tried at least 10 different therapists in the Lansing area and none came close to measuring up. She has phenomenal knowledge of all aspects of massage therapy and musculoskeletal system. "


"I have been going to massage therapists for many years; Brooke is an excellent massage therapist.  She is very caring and assesses/evaluates what my needs are each time I see her for a massage.  I spend many hours using a computer and her massages consistently make me feel better overall.  Her office is nicely decorated, quiet, and relaxing." 

       - Barb

"Working with you has been a joy, Brooke. With all of my issues you have always helped me feel so much better and have showed me how to help myself!! You do amazing work and are very talented."


"Wow is what comes to mind after having a massage from Brooke. She's amazing and I highly recommend her!"


"Brooke is truly a gifted message therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and reasonably priced. She listens and personalizes her time with you."


"Brooke is amazing! She truly cares for her clients, and you will always leave feeling so much better than when you came in."


"Brooke is amazing!! She is very professional and loves her job! I'd never go any where else for a massage! I few months ago I pulled a muscle in my back, she was able to fit me into her schedule right away. She not only helped with a good massage, she also gave me some really good stretching exercises. I was good as new just a week later."


"Brooke's massage therapy sessions are amazing! Whether it's deep tissue for troubled areas or just a relaxing massage, she always explains the techniques she is doing & why. I always learn something about myself & what I need to do to prevent recurring issues."


"Brooke is an amazing Massage Therapist! She's very knowledgeable and very thorough. Her presence is relaxing and she puts you at ease. I'm so glad I found her!"


"Love my sessions with Brooke. I've gone to her for multiple kinds of massage and have always had an amazing time, leaving refreshed and happy. I would highly recommend her services!"


"Had some major issues with my upper back/neck area, and Brooke put her skills to work and definitely made a difference! Would highly recommend her to anyone!" 


"Brooke is the best! Very knowledgable and a true master of her craft. Thank you Brooke!"


"Brooke is truly a gifted message therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable, very professional, and reasonably priced. She listens and personalizes her time with you."


"Where to begin!?! Brooke has been instrumental in my health and well being. Her knowledge of the human body and how it works is truly amazing. From the hot stones to cupping therapy to therapeutic exercises......Brooke does it all! Highly recommend to anyone. I promise you will not be disappointed!"


"As a medical professional, I appreciate her skill and knowledge when it comes to working with the human body. I respect her and her practice so much and highly recommend her as a massage therapist to anyone experiencing any kind of functional issue." 

       - Sandra

"Look no further for a massage therapist, Brooke works wonders! It truly will be your best massage."


"Brooke always greeted me with a smile, asks how I am feeling and took an interest in what is going on with me. She is skilled, knowledgeable, able to explain the causes of my pain and suggests stretches and exercises to help relieve soreness. I would highly recommend Brook to anyone looking for competent massage therapist."


"Brooke is a spectacular person and massage therapist! Not only does she give the best deep tissue massage I have ever had, but her knowledge about prevention and maintaining healthy habits and positive energy renew me as well. I have been a regular client for years now, and look forward to our sessions as a time for healing and renewal. My teenage son also sees Brooke and agree she is amazing!"


"In the past three years, I have visited some 6 or 7 massage therapists in the East Lansing/Okemos area. Once I found Brooke, I stopped hopping around. Brooke is hands-down the best! She is personable, attentive, insanely strong, and very thorough. Whether I was in for thirty minutes or an hour, I always walked out feeling deeply relaxed and minus aches and pains. Her technique and expertise is amazing and she always seemed to hit the exact spots that felt the tightest, with results that lasted far longer than with other therapists. You can tell she really knows what she is doing. The office is spotless, lovely, and inviting, and there's never any issues finding free parking (unlike many of the other area massage therapists). I can honestly say that Brooke helped me get through these past three years of law school, both physically and mentally. I can't recommend her enough. My back and neck especially thank her!"


"Brooke is amazing! She is friendly and professional. She is always tries to be flexible with scheduling hours. She is knowledgable in her field and offers good advice on prevention and stretching techniques. Her massages monthly have really improved my overall well being!"


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