Meet Brooke Borgquist

What MyoWorks Means to Brooke

Together, we'll use massage therapy to help you achieve complete health & wellness.

I believe that massage therapy is an integral part of an individual's ability to maintain health, overcome illness and achieve balance in their physical, emotional and spiritual self. Bodywork assists your being by promoting its natural healing ability. My goal as a practitioner is to work with you to restore your body to its optimal state of health and well-being.

Whether you are an athlete or someone who is chained to a desk all day, my role in helping you meet your goals extends beyond the time that you spend in my office; I seek to provide suggestions, referrals, and other resources that you, as the client, can use in conjunction with your massage therapy to move towards attaining overall health and wellness.

Be well,
Brooke Borgquist

Massage Therapist & Owner, MyoWorks Massage